Christenings - at 10.30am? Because that is when the local church fixes it - groan...
The morning after the night before - why did we suggest a stopover!
The wedding of the year - and all the family are coming today to see the video from yesterday.

Or just the only chance in our busy world to bring together a group of friends
you really want to spend time with...

You don't want to get up at 6am to organise food. What you'd most like to do is chill out with everyone else. By Sunday night they'll be gone and you can collapse on the couch with some comfort TV/DVD, a glass of the good stuff you kept back and eat anything you like.

Because you know that Gorgeous Grub took care of everything else during the day...

A simple fork buffet - roast lunch - proper brunch - whatever you wanted.
Bucks Fizz - Champagne to start the day (bliss) - corpse revivers - Pimms at noon.

It will be done - without fuss - with care - and concern for you.

Apple, Carrot and Beetroot Juice
Platters of Dates, Figs, Grapes, Strawberries, Melon...

Charcuterie Platter - the finest the local deli can provide
Uggah - a spiced Omelette with Spinach and Aubergine
Gravadlax with Beetroot Relish

Baked Baby Potatoes with Coriander
Chilled Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables
Mushrooms a la Greque
Artisan Breads

Apricot and Raisin Madeleines - Lavender and Goats Cheese Tarts
Plenty of good Coffee

Winter Holiday brochures, a walk in the woods, the last cricket match of the season...

Hangover Drops, Gazpacho Shots,

Tropical Fruit Breakfast Risotto
Grapefruit Mousse

Venison Sausages
Polenta Latkes with Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraiche and Caviar
Potato, Brie and Red Onion Quesadillas served with Chipotle Honey
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Peppermint Brownies
Churros to dunk in Hot Chocolate
Gallons of Coffee

A long lie-in, the Saturday Papers, a stroll through the town, easy jazz and blues...

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