w Gorgeous Grub - Movers Munches
Harrow School Picnic lunch - the candlebras are down to you!
Moving House - we offer a hamper service...
Teddy Bear's Picnic - strictly for adults...
Messing about on the River...
A day at the Races...
Henley Regatta...

This is camping food. There isn't a kitchen.
It's all out of hampers, cold boxes, the back of the car, a picnic table, and it is outdoors in England.
Oh joy!

If you've just moved into a new house there might be a kitchen but you haven't a clue
how to turn anything on and no wish to cook anyway!

As to the rest - these are occasions to savour, hopeful of a balmy summer day, but with easy food
so that you can just enjoy being caught up in the occasion.

The days are becoming gradually shorter but there's still time to make the most of the outdoors.

Chilled Risotto with Roasted Peppers, Courgettes and Large Prawns
Egg and Cress Tart
Pheasant and Pear Sausages

Potato Salad with Gherkins, Red Onion and Egg in a rich Mayonnaise
Fresh Salad Leaves with Herbs
Tomato and Sharon Fruit Salad with Pomegranate, Mint and Feta

Cheesecake and Chocolate Brownies (the taster-in-chief says they're fantastic)
Raspberry Muffins

Finish with mugs of hot Coffee

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