Gorgeous Grub has a wealth of information relating to event organisation and party planning.
In particular we have lists of outside contractors who we can confidently recommend - from DJ's to didgeridoos, florists to fireworks, limousines to locations.

We can organise as much or as little as you'd like us to.
We can, if you prefer, just deliver the food and leave you to it.

We have a great team of trained wine waiters who will work discreetly, courteously and confidently to ensure your guests are well cared for - and well watered!!!

We can mix Cocktails and Pimms, tap barrels of Rebellion, chill drinks quickly, let the Red Wine breathe - and keep everyone's glasses topped up until they've had enough.

All you have to do is show us the drinks, preferably chilled in advance to help things along, and then leave us to it.

You can hire glasses from us if you wish. They are delivered clean and taken away for washing-up!
We bring trays, openers, jugs, cloths and wear long black aprons so we can be identified.


01494 815518 - sally@gorgeousgrub.co.uk - 07775 715516